American Sycamore Broken Trunks 01

High detail Game Ready Closed Model Scans of two pieces of a broken sycamore tree trunk. Both models UVs fit in the same UV Map and they share the same Material. PBR texture maps up to 8K

*4K Maps & LOD0 models being used for Sketchfab 3D Preview

Face Count: AmericanSycamoreBrokenTrunk01- 25,896 (LOD0) - 809 (LOD6)

                     AmericanSycamoreBrokenTrunk02- 27,922 (LOD0) - 868 (LOD6)

RAW Face Count: AmericanSycamoreBrokenTrunk01_RAW- 621,504

                               AmericanSycamoreBrokenTrunk02_RAW- 670,128

Scale: AmericanSycamoreBrokenTrunk01- 4.00m L 0.24m H

            AmericanSycamoreBrokenTrunk02- 3.23m L 0.24m H

Professionally photoscanned using ring lighting and color calibration for a detailed De-Lit Albedo Map.

Maps Included (Across all the downloadable files):

  • AO
  • HEIGHT16 (16Bit Height Map)
  • MASK (Metallic(R), AO(G), & GLOSS/ROUGHNESS(A) maps in their own channels on this one map)

All texture maps are PNGs. 

Includes zips for the base models at 8K, 4K, and 2K versions in case you need smaller than 8K for your project. The UE5 & Unity Package both include only the 8K version.

The base and UE5 folders have a RAW model. This is a high-poly version using the same UV islands but with its own baked maps that can be used for Offline Quality and Nanite in UE5. The RAW Model is already setup for Nanite in the UE5 folder.

LOD versions of the Models include the LOD models down to LOD6 for each asset.

Also including a .unitypackage file for unpacking quickly and already setup for Unity 2020.3.25 and later. In the package there are additional URP & HDRP packages for setup in whichever version you are using.

Extended Use License
License: Extended Commercial License
Stock Assets

For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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